Transfer Students

Transfer students arriving at Western must complete 5.0 courses at Western with a minimum 70% average in order to be considered for admission to BMOS. We will not evaluate your transfer credits until you have been admitted to the program so it is advisable that you hold off taking courses that are similar to your approved transfer credits.

Upon admission to a BMOS degree, transfer students are permitted to have their credits evaluated for equivalency.   We will only be evaluating courses that are similar to MOS courses.  It is your responsibility to contact the other Departments for evaluations before submitting your request to the DAN Management office (for example: an Economics 1020TRN should be evaluated by the Department of Economics). 
Click here for a list of Advanced Standing Contacts. 

Credit evaluation is a lengthy process.  Please be patient as we go through them and ensure we are making the best decision for your case.  It is wise to start as early as possible to ensure you will not miss out during the Add/Drop periods.

Visit the Counselling Website for full details on Transfer Credit Evaluation:

Questions to ask: 

Have you visited Academic Counselling to get non-BMOS courses evaluated?

 - they can help get you started with evaluating non-BMOS courses and provide you with some direction, if you are not yet eligible for DAN Management.

Have you been admitted to DAN Management?

- we get many requests for evaluation and as a result, can only attend to the ones that apply to students registered in our programs. See Academic Counselling in SSC 2105 if you are not yet eligible for DAN Management to discuss course selection.

Have your transfer credits been approved?

 - we will only evaluate courses you have received from the Admissions Office.  Any pending credits should be cleared up prior to submitting your request to our office.

Do you have printed copies of all of your course outlines?

 - we cannot proceed with your evaluations without full, detailed copies of your outlines. Brief course descriptions are NOT sufficient.