Course Registration

The course I want is full. How can I get into it?

Once a course is full, you may continue to try registering into that course or select another course from your checklist.
The only cases where permission will be considered are for MOS students who are in their graduating year requiring a specific (not preferred) course for graduation. Students are encouraged to speak with the Advisors in SSC 4330 as soon as they realize there is an issue.  
Non-MOS students trying to obtain a full course will have to select an alterative course if space does not open in the desired course. No exceptions will be considered.

Can I ask to enter Honors Specialization after the Summer session?

Requests to enter Honors Specialization are only considered in May of each year based on your Intent to Register.  Students who did not select Honors Specialization or were not eligible in May to enter Honors must wait until the next Intent to Register to request Honors again. Students must ensure that they are meeting the minimum requirements to enter the Honors Specialization.

Why isn't the course I want to take showing in the timetable?

Only those courses being offered in the current session will appear in the Timetable.  The Calendar shows all courses that we could offer.  Be sure to review the online timetable carefully.

What is a prerequisite and where can I find prerequisite information?

Every course has a prerequisite and a constraint.   Students are responsible to ensure they meet both the prerquisite and the constraint of a course. A prerequisite is a required course that must be completed successfully before completing the next course. For example, the prerequisite for MOS 3370 states: "Business Administration 2257 and enrolment in third or fourth year of BMOS, Honors Specialization in Urban Development or Music Administrative Studies (MAS)." which means you must have completed Business 2257, you must have completed at least 8.0 or more courses, and you must be in a specific program. Review the Online Calendar to find out about prerequisites in courses you are interested in taking. 

What is a constraint and where can I find the course constraints?

Every course has a prerequisite and a constraint.   Students are responsible to ensure they meet both the prerquisite and the constraint of a course. A constraint is a departmental regulation restricting who can register into a course.  For example, the constraing for MOS 1021 states: "PRIORITY TO BMOS ON MAIN CAMPUS. OPEN JULY 21 TO ALL YEAR 1 STUDENTS ON MAIN CAMPUS. OPEN AUG 22 TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE COMPLETED 3.0 OR MORE COURSES. "  You can review all course constraints on the Online Timetable

Can I enter a course without having taken the prerequisite?

No, we do not bypass prerequisite requirements.  Prerequisites are necessary for success in the course and permission to bypass it will not be considered.

When is Paper Add/Drop?

Paper Add/Drop is no longer used at Western.  All registration is handled online through the Student Centre. Review the Registration Deadlines carefully. If you miss the deadline, you must contact the Academic Counsellors immediately to request permission to add late. Students requesting a late add must have documentable reasons and provide this document to Academic Counselling.

When can NON-MOS students register?

Non-MOS students should review the constraints carefully on the Online Timetable.  You will either be able to register for Fall/Winter courses in late July or late August.  Each course specifically indicates when registration will begin.  If no information is listed, that course is not set to open to non-MOS students and you will have to choose an alternative.

When I tried to register for a course, it was rejected. What's the problem?

It is likely that you are not meeting the prerequisite or the constraint on the course. You should have received an error when this occurred. If it is unclear why you received the error, call the Registration Helpline at 519-661-2100 and report what error you received. They will advise you of the solution or place you in contact with the appropriate area for assistance. 

Can Affiliated College students take Main Campus MOS courses?

Yes, however, Affiliated College students must receive permission from their Academic Counsellor FIRST.  Your Counsellor will then liaise with our Advisors.  There are limitations/conditions (no exceptions):
  • there must be spaces open in the course;
  • your Counsellor must approve of the request;
  • you must meet the prerequisite(s)

What is considered part time?

Students completing 3.0 or fewer courses are a part time student. Students enrolled in 3.5 or more courses are considered full time.  Students should consider implications regarding fees, awards, health/dental plans and bus pass access when deciding to go part time.