MOS 4999E Honors Thesis - Application of Interest

Honors Specialization Consumer Behavior or Human Resource Management Students who think they may be interested in pursuing an Honors Thesis should submit the below information by July 31st, 2018. There is limited enrolment in the course, and enrolment will be based on academic criteria and shared research interests with a professor in the DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies.

Applications will be reviewed, followed by email discussions with a potential supervisor, and with notification of enrolment availability in the course then communicated to the student prior to August 15th. MOS 4999E is very limited, and is conditional on the availability of professors. Students are advised to enroll in a full course load during course registration, with the expectation that once enrolment in MOS 4999E is confirmed the student would unregister from a course(s) of equal value.

Please review the Course Syllabus.

If you wish to proceed, please download the form, complete it, and email it to