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Dancap Private Equity Student Awards Deadline April 1st

This is a reminder that Monday, April 1st is the deadline for applications for the various DanCap Private Equity Student Awards. These awards are designed to recognize demonstrated professionalism, leadership and initiative in extracurricular activities as well as academic achievement. All well-rounded students are encouraged to apply.

This deadline applies to the following awards:

In order to be considered, students must submit an Undergraduate Student Award and Scholarship Application along with a resume describing the applicant's qualifications to the MOS office by April 1.

Please note that:

  1. Unless otherwise stated in the award description, it does not matter when you took the required courses.
  2. The Registrar’s Award Database erroneously list an essay requirement for some of these awards. You need only submit an application form and a resume.)
  3. Although students are encouraged to apply to any Dancap Private Equity Student Award for which they qualify, each student can only be awarded one during the same year.